About Me

My name is Nathaniel Jordan and I’m saved and free from sin through Jesus Christ. I lived most of my life without the saving grace given by God through His Son Jesus. At the age of 49, I accepted Jesus as my Savior.

I was born in Chicago Illinois. I went to church with my mother nearly every Sunday, but I never really developed a relationship with the Lord. I experimented with drugs and alcohol thinking I could have more fun. Ultimately, I wound up being a functional alcohol, nicotine addict, and an adulterer. In 2004, at the age of 49, I was overwhelmed by His love one Sunday in June and I have been free from the filth and guilt of sin. I walked away from my addictions within the first 3 months of my relationship with Jesus. Jesus also healed me from COPD

I have been called to ministry and I serve as an elder at True Faith Church of God In Christ in Macon, Georgia. Recently I was called to pastoral duties and I am now waiting for the Lord to assign me to the people I will serve in His name.

I am passionate about helping young people make it to the level God has already assigned them to. 

I am a 19.6 year veteran of the Macon Police Department. I am a freelance photographer and web designer as well as a full-time investigator for the State of Georgia Public Defender Office.

I have ministered to the male residents of Macon Regional Youth Detention Center. I am actively involved with Consider The Consequences in Bibb County Georgia.