I’m Young. Can God Use Me? Check David Out

You might be facing a terrifying situation right now. You might think you’re not good enough to be what you dream of. Others around you might even try to convince you’re not the one for the job. But God looks at your heart. He doesn’t look at beauty, strength, physical ability, or and all the other things people think makes us happy and successful. This story of David will show you how God looks for what’s inside rather than what’s on the outside.

Nearly everyone has heard the true story about David and Goliath. In case you haven’t heard about him, then you’ve clicked or swiped to the right page.

David went on to be king of Israel and in Jesus’ lineage (ancestoral background).

David, at an early age, was chosen by God to be king of Israel. He wasn’t who his peers would think of being a king. Read 1 Samuel 16 and you will see David was the least of his brothers. Saul, who was king of Israel at the time, had really messed up and didn’t do what God wanted him to do. So God removed his anointing (divine appointment of power) from Saul and was about to place it on David. God told a prophet (a man who God communicated with to give messages to the people of Israel) named Samuel to go see a man named Jesse who had sons. One of his sons would be appointed king of Israel.

Jesse presented Samuel with seven of his sons, one at a time. Out of the seven sons Jesse presented, God didn’t approve any of them. God reminded Samuel that people look at a person’s outward appearance and think they are okay. God told Jesse He doesn’t look at our outer appearance, He looks at our heart. After Samuel saw Jesse’s seven sons he asked was all of the sons present. Jesse said he had one more son and he was working, keeping the sheep. Samuel told Jesse to send for the eighth son, David.

When David arrived, the Lord immediately spoke to Samuel and said; “Anoint him because he is the one.” Samuel anointed David as king of Israel. The Lord hadn’t removed Saul from being king of Israel yet so David served Saul for a time. But God had removed His spirit from Saul and another spirit was allowed to stress Saul out. This shows us that when God’s spirit isn’t with us, another spirit will move in and cause us problems.

We are never left alone. The Spirit of the Lord or the spirit of Satan is going to be with us and God has left it up to you to choose which spirit you want to be with you.

During the time David served Saul, he used his skill to of playing the harp to give Saul relief from the evil spirit that was stressing him out. It wasn’t so much the music that brought the relief, but the music was played by David who had the spirit of the Lord with him. David is best noted for killing a giant named Goliath who was about 9 feet 6 inches tall (1 Samuel 17). David was about 5 feet 9 inches tall. David was about 17 years old by this time.

Saul and all of his men were afraid of Goliath, but David wasn’t.

Israel’s army was on one side of a valley and the Philistine army was on the other side, led by Goliath. Goliath challenged the Israelite army. Saul and all of his men were afraid of Goliath, but David wasn’t. David got a sling (slingshot) and three smooth stones and used them to kill Goliath with just one of those rocks, on the first shot.

Be encouraged, young people. David wasn’t considered big enough or skillful enough to accomplish the things he did as Saul’s servant then later as king of Israel. He had a job that was considered nasty and low when he was a shepherd before being anointed a king. His love and faith in God allowed him to come up against a terrifying giant and defeat him.

So yes. God can use you to do some things that others can’t or won’t do.

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