Dying Young In Macon – The Cycle of Pain II

February 12, 2018

Well, unfortunately, the cycle of pain kept going last weekend in Macon Georgia. A life was lost senselessly and now there’s one person dead, two people arrested and charged with Murder and countless hearts of the immediate family and friends have been broken.

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First. This story was reported by several news agencies. And just because there have been two people charged with Murder, doesn’t mean they will be found guilty of murder. What matters is a man is dead, a man and a woman are accused of killing the man! Understand this post is to point out the ills of our community, what cause the ills and hopefully find a solution.

It appears anger is the cause of this tragic death.

According to what’s been reported, a boyfriend choked his girlfriend. When he turned her loose, she got a gun and he ran away in his car. She followed his car and shot at him. While he was running from her, he hit another vehicle that was driven by a man, who apparently didn’t have anything with what was happening. The man later died at the hospital. The boyfriend and the girlfriend were both charged with Murder. Some of you may be asking; “How can they charge them Murder, they didn’t mean to cause the man’s death?” That’s for another post someday. Right now let’s go back to the issue of anger since it is the root cause of this tragedy.

We’ve been taught that it is alright to be angry and let everybody know we’re angry. I’ve seen young and old justify violent actions sighting the fact the victim shouldn’t have done what they did to make he or she mad. This is wrong teaching! Anytime anger drives a person to a point they act out in a violent manner is wrong! The Bible points out several incidents of anger. Some anger is acceptable and some anger isn’t.

  • Cain got angry with Able and killed him – The problem wasn’t with Able. Cain was the problem in his sacrifice wasn’t acceptable to God. (Genesis 4:1-10)
  • Jesus Got Angry with what was happening at the temple – (John 2:13-18)
  • There is anger that is acceptable – (Ephesians 4:26). To be angry at injustice, wrongdoings, unfair treatment of others and so forth is alright as long as it doesn’t drive us to commit a sin, which by the way, will land us in jail or prison for a long time.

Based on what we know through news reports a man choked a lady. It’s untold why he choked her but it’s safe to say he got angry enough at her to choke her. She got angry because he choked her and got a gun. Now a man who had nothing to do with them is dead. And it all, more than likely, started with anger.

Take it from a man who used to be very hot-headed and ready to retaliate against anyone who made me angry. The Lord kept me from going too far when I retaliated and allowed me to be free from sin and still living to tell you anger will take you to places that you won’t be able to return from as a free man or woman. If you have a problem with managing your anger, seek godly counseling and prayer. Then seek medical counseling if you have to before it’s too late.

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