Teen Pregnancies

I don’t know the latest stats on teen pregnancies. But looking around the city I live, I’ve seen a lot of pregnant teens and teens with babies. I remember just a few years ago, there was a competition going on that encouraged young girls to get pregnant if their friend got pregnant. Now I’m seeing the results of that challenge through the evidence of four and five-year-old babies with mothers younger than 21.

The present time isn’t any different. I’m still seeing girls as young as 14 years old having babies. That means they are having unprotected sex which also produces more HIV, AIDS, and other STDs. And another result I’ve seen is a lot of young girls with broken hearts and shattered hopes because she thought their baby’s daddy was going to be there for her and her baby, only to find out he would be scarce and hard to find once the responsibilities of being a father kicked in.

One of the most recent pregnancies I’ve heard of is a girl has gotten pregnant by a boy who is 18 years old and already impregnated another 14-year-old girl. I know of a young man in my city that has about 17 children.

Practice Safe Sex – Contraceptives

Many organizations, even some religious organizations are advocating safe sex by using birth control methods. Well it doesn’t look like contraceptives are fool-proof so I advocate abstinence until one is married. That’s not a trending word right now – abstinence.

Abstinence is not a trending word right now, but it’s the only fool proof solution to teen pregnancies.

It seems teenagers are making conscious decisions to have unprotective sex with an “I don’t care” attitude or with the attitude of “it won’t happen to me.” I’ve even heard a female teenager say nobody told her she could get pregnant. Hey. I’m not the judge! Only God knows if she’s telling the truth or not.

What does God have to say about teen pregnancies and unwed mothers? Let’s read and see. But first, let’s understand one of many things of God’s wisdom and order of things:

As for God, His way is perfect; The word of the Lord is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him.
Psalm 18:30

God’s way is perfect. He designed this earth in an orderly fashion. Then He designed us in an orderly fashion. Nothing He made started out as being flawed. What was flawless was flawed by man trying to do it his own way. His way has been proven and we can see the proof by looking at people who waited until they were married to have sex. There is less stress, seldom is the mother left alone to fend for her and her baby and it just plain works better doing it God’s way.

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