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I’m Young. Can God Use Me? Check David Out

You might be facing a terrifying situation right now. You might think you’re not good enough to be what you dream of. Others around you might even try to convince you’re not the one for the job. But God looks at your heart. He doesn’t look at beauty, strength, physical ability, or and all the other things people think makes us happy and successful. This story of David will show you how God looks for

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New Download Section

R.A.R.E. Youth is pleased to announce our New Downloads section. You’ll find links to some good stuff that will include discussion talk sheets for you

African American Inventors

James Edward Maceo West – African American Inventor

James Edward Maceo West Born February 10, 1931, in Farmville, Prince Edward County, Virginia) is an American inventor and acoustician. He holds over 250 foreign and U.S. patents for the

African American Inventors

Janet Emerson Bashen – African American Inventor

Janet Emerson Bashen An American inventor, entrepreneur, and business consultant. She patented a software program to assist with web-based equal employment opportunity investigations. She founded a human resource consulting firm focusing on equal

African American Inventors

Kerrie Holley-African American Inventor

Kerrie Lamont Holley was born in September 7, 1954. Heis an American software architect, author, researcher, consultant, and Inventor and UnitedHealth Group, and Optum Technology’s first Technical Fellow. Holley is

African American Inventors

Lonnie Johnson – African American Inventor

Lonnie Johnson was born October 6, 1949. He is an African American inventor who has 80 patents. One of his best-known inventions is the Super